Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Theme Wednesday: Themes I Love

1.) Don't Shoot The Walls Dress (2.) Great-Grandmothers (3.) Meet Trees
One thing I hope to carry over into the new blog is Theme Wednesdays. I've loved doing my themed posts and I really hope to keep on with that! (In fact, I know of one that I've got planned!!) These three were very important to me - I absolutely love my Sherlock-inspired dress, I really enjoyed being able to write about my great-grandmother for you and I REALLY LOVED doing a Trees themed week. I can't wait to meet her in 8 days - 8 DAYS!!!

One of the themes coming up on Cirque du Frock might just be inspired by my favorite shy biker babe. Just sayin'. Could be worth looking out for! ;-) 


  1. Looking forward to your Ally theme week!! That sounds so awesome.

  2. You amuse me like nobody else. :)

  3. Your theme Wednesdays were great glimpses into your sources of inspiration. Glad to hear they will continue on in the new blog!