Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Personal Style: Purple Docs

Dress: Handmade/Me, Jacket: DIY/Me/Market East Station (YES IT'S A TRAIN STATION)
Cameo Also by Me. :-)
This is an outfit I feel really good in. My Hell Dress (so named because of the lame hem tape I used that ate my sewing machine), my new purple boots and my jacket. I love it. I love how I look in this outfit.

And everyone, let's just take a moment to appreciate the BEAUTY and WONDER and JOY that ARE THESE AMAZING BOOTS!! They are fucking purple. Yes. I know. Amazing.

I'm going to tell you a little story about these amazing purple boots. They are my mourning gift to myself. I saw these on eBay last Friday morning before work, and I thought about them on and off, but I didn't really think much about buying them even though they were only available on the docs UK site and here they were on American eBay. So then My Chemical Romance broke up, and I am sobbing so hard I can't see straight until 3am. At around 3am, I decide I need to make myself feel better. I need something to make myself feel better. A present. To stop crying. I bribed myself to sleep with these boots and a Black Parade tee shirt. I purchased them at 3am on Saturday morning the day MCR ceased to exist, and I went to bed for four whole hours before I woke up, started crying and decided to go thrifting, too. Which ended up being in my favor because I looked so terrible I think the girl gave me 50% off everything I bought just to make me feel better (I looked at the receipt later and there it was, 50% off everything).

I didn't know you could cry so hard your lips turn purple for the day, but I did. It was kind of amazing. 

And don't take this story as a sad one (or think I have a shopping problem, because I don't). Killjoys keep running, and to keep running and keep fighting we need bad ass gear. If I were a Killjoy, if I lived in the Zones outside of Battery City, these would be my boots.

Gerard Way as Party Poison, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys


  1. I bow to the purple Docs of Awesomeness!!!

    Cute outfit!!1

  2. PURPLE BOOTS!!! Wow - they are amazing. I think they were a great choice to help cheer you up after the loss of your beloved band! And I love your "Hell" dress too, bummer it gave you trouble while making it, but it turned out so well!

  3. I love the boots, and they of course are utterly, and perfectly you. I'm sorry for the cry-fest/heartbreak but sometimes the sadness triggers the urge to show some self love. They don't call it "retail therapy" for nothing, love.

  4. I can see why these boots make you happy and had to be yours. I think there is something pretty special about boots. When I got my first pair of DOC's I remember how they made me feel like tank girl I felt strong and tough. I think certain boots still make me feel this way and I am thankful for that feeling because some days I really need to pull out a little Tank Girl!

  5. THOSE BOOTS. Those boots are so amazing. They're definitely a make-you-feel-better-about-life gift to yourself. I'm insanely in love with them and super happy to see you wearing them. I know you'll rock them with many of your fabulous dresses.

  6. Also I may or may not be stalking a pair of white Dr. Martens on ebay now. ;P

  7. OH MY GOSH THOSE BOOTS. My eyes immediately went to the boots, and I felt a tish bit of jealousy pop up. They are the perfect color and everything. =] I'm glad they could make you happy. Sometimes a big cry like that is good. I'll bet you feel really refreshed in a few days =] haha. My friend and I used to send each other really embarrassing photos of our swollen, puffy cry faces whenever we were having a rough time, and it always made us smile =].

  8. Gah!!! Those boots are amaze!! I love them!! I'm so glad you're feeling better and I love the Hell dress and yah you for wearing it!! Often if sewing something is a nightmare to make I hardly end up wearing it as I have bad feelings attached to it!

  9. PURPLE! (my favourite colour) You obviously deserved the treat.

    And yet another frock with awesome fabric! I've never used hem tape to its proper purpose... and now I'm thinking I don't ever want to... But your dress looks great!

  10. These boots are gorgeous, and a perfect mourning gift for MCR. I got annoyed that Gerard Way gave such good reasoning for their break up - it's like dammit, give me a shitty reason so I can hate you! ;)

    That dress is adorable, and I love it with the denim jacket.

  11. A treat to peek at your glorious boots once again! thank you Megs, for shining!

  12. Those boots are the pure epitome of FABULOUSNESS.