Monday, April 8, 2013

Personal Style: Holding Patterns

Jeggings: AE, Boots: Mossimo/Gift, Scarf: Handmade/Gift, Shirt: Handmade/Me

I'm just popping in to let you guys know that I'm still on a bit of a blogging hiatus. I'm actually working on something pretty cool that I can't wait to show you (if you follow me on Twitter or Tumblr or Pinterest you might have an inkling but DON'T PEEK IT RUINS THE SURPRISE). Don't worry- I'll be back and it will rock your socks. And I HAVE been reading your blogs, even if I haven't been commenting.

In the mean time, have a little story about my scarf. My friend Kristi made it. What happened was we met through Craftster. She knew I was going to the Danger Days tour for MCR and asked if I would pick up some tees for her (sorry that I couldn't at the time, Kristi!), and from that we became friends. She actually made the guys some scarves and got to give them to the guys in PERSON! So I said how much I loved the scarves and she made ME one! (I've posted about it before- check the MCR links on the side) Even though it was the perfect color (my favorite color, actually) and it was made just for me, I never managed to wear it last winter. Probably because it was so warm. This winter, however, I sewed the ends together to turn it into a circle scarf and I wore it often. It's become one of my favorite things, and I love that she made it for me.

Link to Craftster
Click on the picture of Gerard to go read Kristi's awesome story. I'm sad I'll never get to follow them on a tour or meet them in person, but it's alright. I still have my scarf!


  1. You have such a great network of friends. And such inspiring stories!

    So... it's only 40 degrees F this morning. But it's supposed to be 60 on my way home. I was debating risking being cold this morning to wear something other than long-johns and jeans. And seeing your cute outfit I think just pushed me over the edge. ;-) Thanks for the inspiration!

    (looking forward to this surprise project post!)

  2. From one absent blogger to another, thanks for the info. I guess we can cancel the Missing Persons report now. :-)

  3. I'm excited to see what you are working on! And your scarf is pretty awesome!

  4. I really love your whole outfit (shirt, boots, scarf.. everything) and the colormix is perfect. :)

  5. I looooooove that shirt it's possibly my favorite of yours so far =]. I can't wait to see what you're up to and I really enjoyed the story about the scarf =].

  6. Your scarf has SUCH a great story. You always remind me I need to be more adventurous.

    I love your top and your fab harness boots. I'm still sad over reselling mine. They just hurt my feet so bad.

    It's a lonely internet-world without you, darlin'!

  7. This is such a snuggly looking outfit! I love the boots and I love your Craftster friendship story :D I met my good friend Vany from Germany on Craftster too :D I'm surprised our paths never crossed on there - never mind we met through the magic of blogs instead;) The suspense is killing me - I have to go and check out tumblr now.

  8. That is a fantastic scarf, with such a cute outfit! And look at the sweet story that you have to go with it :)