Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Inspiration: It's Okay To Grow Up

This is more of a word inspiration today. Again, MCR related but I've gotten so much good advice from their music! This was made right after they broke up and started floating around Pinterest and Tumblr. I liked it immediately because to me, it was finally someone echoing my opinion on their break-up. It's okay. It's all going to be okay.

A week later, when I was thought of the new name for my blog (Cirque du Frock) I was worried about leaving Meg's Ragged Edge. But Cirque du Frock just clicked. It felt right. And Meg's Ragged Edge is actually a reminder of a less-than-stellar year I had when I started the blog. (2010, flunking out of art school, can't find a job, on the edge.) I was conflicted.

Then this graphic popped up again on Tumblr and I thought about it. It is. It's okay to grow up.

I guess that's why I wanted a new blog with a new name. I felt I'd outgrown the name on this one. And it's okay. :-)

See you tomorrow!


  1. I hope it was cathartic, like writing out the bad, and the fresh start denotes a new period in your life, but you can still look back and see how you've grown.

  2. At your stage of life, there's a lot of growing going on and that's good. Embrace change.

  3. My blog is named after my doggie. I often wonder will I change it after he's gone? What does Peetee's palace really say about me? I guess for now the name stays, what's in a name really:)

  4. I LOVE this graphic so much! I've done a lot of growing up lately & in the beginning that made me sad, but now I'm embracing it.